Bearings used in cars

  • In present life, the number of cars people have is increasing, and the demand for hub bearing on the vehicle is increasing too. Correct installation of wheel h

 In present life, the number of cars people have is increasing, and the demand for hub bearing on the vehicle is increasing too. Correct installation of wheel hub bearing can increase the driving safety coefficient of the car. Excessive wear and bearing damage will bring some hidden danger to the safety of driving if they are not replaced in time.


Characteristics of single row cone axis

The inner ring and outer ring can be installed separately;

It has higher loading capacity and relatively low rotating speed;

Small installation space, easy to install;


Characteristics of first generation bearing

Fixed and preset bearing clearance;

Life-long lubrication, maintenance-free;

Permanent seal;

Sealing ring is divided into rubber oil ring and combined oil seal;

Of compact structure;


Second generation hub unit

The second generation hub bearing combines the advantages of the first generations economy and integrates a hub flange, which is used to install the brake disc and flange. The second generation hub bearing is a compact bearing unit, with fixed preset bearing clearance, lifelong lubrication (maintenance free) and sealing.

Characteristics of second generation bearing

A hub flange is integrated;

certain preset bearing clearance, with hub flange integrated;

Rolling flanging technology, fully pre-tightening;

The snap ring provides the axial tension of the outer ring of the bearing and makes the bearing firmly fixed;

Multiple sensors can be integrated in the sealing ring to support ABS (anti lock braking system), ASR (driving anti slip device), ESP (electronic stability system);


Third generation hub unit

The third generation hub bearing is a highly integrated hub bearing unit with an installation flange for installing the brake disc and a flange for installing the knuckle to ensure the highest operating accuracy. The integrated speed decoder provides the signals needed for abs/esp suspension control. The tightening force of hub bearing is regulated by ring boss.


Compact structure, high bearing capacity, lifelong lubrication and sealing;

The shaking is reduced, and the driving comfort type is improved;

High precision brake disc and wheel guide;

Double flange design, no need to adjust bearing clearance, and installation is more convenient;

Life reliability is higher and service life is longer;


Precautions for bearing installation

1. Under no circumstances shall the bearing be knocked;

2. It is advised that the hub bearing be replaced in coaxial;

3. The bearing with magnetic coding ring cannot be reversed;

4. Do not attempt to disassemble the hub bearing or adjust the sealing ring of the hub unit;

5. Do not touch the magnetic coding ring of the bearing, and the bearing should be kept away from the magnetic field;

6. In any case, the correct method is needed to assist the installation of the appropriate tools;

7.Construction shall be carried out in dry and clean environment. Do not open the packing before the bearing is installed.